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Independent Investigations

Independent investigations

Increasingly employers or lawyers acting for employers are engaging independent investigators to deal with sensitive problems.

Benefits of an independent investigation can include:

  • The process is expertly conducted by someone used to dealing with conflict situations and competing factual accounts
  • Information is gathered and weighed by someone with no prior involvement or biases
  • Management can consider a report and decide on any disciplinary processes, without being at risk of allegations of predetermination
  • Allegations involving senior managers can be appropriately investigated without requiring excessive involvement by board members

Avoid the risk

Badly run investigations can spiral out of control, taking up huge amounts of time, causing more problems than they solve, and putting your company at risk of expensive litigation.

As a lawyer I have seen where other investigations have gone wrong and know the traps to avoid.

I can deliver independent investigation and workplace mediation processes that:

  • Are professionally run
  • Give all involved a level of assurance
  • Will run to time and budget
  • Remain within the terms of reference I have been given
  • Result in outcomes that can be relied upon legally

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