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When things aren't going well at work, it can feel like the problem is too big. But you can do something about it, and help is available. On a trial period? Told you were a contractor or a casual? You still have rights.

Still at work but in a bad situation?

I can help with:
  • Responding to disciplinary allegations and processes
  • Performance allegations and performance improvement plans
  • Restructuring and redundancy
  • What to do if you are being bullied or harassed
  • Getting paid what you are entitled to
  • Education Council or other professional bodies
  • Accessing your personal information
  • Getting you out of the situation with the best possible package

Dismissed, resigned or forced out?

I can help with:
  • Unjustified dismissal claims and other personal grievances
  • Recovering holiday pay, unpaid wages or bonuses and other entitlements
  • Defending restraint of trade and other employer claims
  • Negotiating settlements with your employer
  • Representing you in mediation, the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court

Discriminated against? Sexually or Racially harassed? Or accused of harassment or discrimination?

I can help with raising or responding to complaints, employment and Human Rights Commission processes.

Flexible payment terms making it easy for you

Billing options for employees include standard "pay as you go" billing, fixed price representation, contingency ("no win no fee") arrangements, and payment by installments. Discounts available for people on low incomes.